Friday, February 20, 2009

Highlights from the Trip to Southern Chile

-spent two nights in a hostel called "La Bicicleta"
-climbed a volcano, Volcan Villarica
-went bikeriding and saw a Mapuche community
-got to swim in some "termas" which are naturally heated springs found in Pucon (hot springs)

-one night
-went to a fresh outdoor fish, fruit, and vegetable market
-went to a cool art museum (but accidentally broke a piece of artwork by sitting on it because i thought it looked sturdier than it was...oops!)

Ancud (on the island of Chiloe):
-one night
-visited a penguin colony and saw two different types of penguins- cute!!
-visited some interesting churches

Castro (on the island of Chiloe):
-one night
-stayed with a random family that we met on the bus ride/ferry to Chiloe
-they took us to an outdoor market where seafood was being cooked in the ground, pretty cool!

Puerto Montt:
-one night
-stayed at a nice hostel and ate a yummy salad at a local restaurant, not too exciting
-flew three hours south from there to Patagonia

Torres del Paine National Park
-stayed in three different refugios for four nights
-climbed and hiked the "W" for hours each day with heavy backpack
-experienced extreme wind and rain but also some beautiful sunshine and warmth
-saw a glacier and some iceburgs!
-had to cook food on a tiny stove that we rented, tough but our food ended up tasting pretty good

Puerto Natales
-two nights
-while Caitlin and Amanda continued the "W" (no, i didn't finish it, my feet were blistered like crazy and the thought of sleeping in a tent in the freezing cold and rain was not appealing), Liz and I returned to Puerto Natales where I met some really nice people at the hostel i was staying at- people from Australia, London, Israel, Chile
-discovered a DELICIOUS vegetarian restaurant called "El Living" and ate there four times

Punta Arenas
-three nights
-visited the famous cemetery
-saw some cool churches
-went to some museums
-kayaked in the straits of magellan, really fun!
-saw "Twilight" with spanish subtitles at the only theater in town

then returned to Santiago last night at 10:30pm.
i'll let you know how argentina and uruguay go, i leave tomorrow!! :)

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  1. THAT IS AMAZING! That sounds ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I'm so happy for you! Are you using the sleeping bag???

    Well, when you get back from Argentina and Uruguay, you should have yet another letter from me at your Chilean address.